Work's 1970~1980 (第1期) PART2











1973.5.20~6.30 「点展」:それぞれ自己に関係のある日常的場を選んで、そこに作品活動をする展

コメント: その間の「点展」参加者の各々の展示日時に同じ時、参加者各々の展示場近く10ヶ所。  


Time and place: May 20 th to June 30 th ,the Ten(Point)exhibition. Tokyo, Kanagawa, Ashikaga.


Note:  Take photo of the locations near the exhibition sites of the ten exhibition of the Ten(Point)exhibition during the exhibition. Exhibition tow pictures for each location, taken from both short range and long range.






《 置・域 》

材   料: 定型の鉛板(200×100×0.1cm)

時・場所:1973.5.20~6.30  「点展」より参加作品B   東京、神奈川、足利


Chi(Set) / Iki(Area)

Material:  Lead plate(200×100×0.1cm),situation of each place

Time and place:  May 20 th to June 30 th ,the Ten(Point)exhibition. Tokyo, Kanagawa, Ashikaga.


Note:  Entry B for theTen(Point)exhibition.








《 無題 》
材  料:足場棒(木)、ロープ、建物、地等
時・場所:1973.6 汲沢団地(神奈川県) 団地側の都合により1日のみの設置となってしまった。


Material:  Scaffolding log, rope, building, ground, etc  

Time and place: June, 1973. Kumizawa hosing development, Kanagawa. The work was exhibited for only one day due to the circumstances of the housing development.


Note:  Entry A for theTen(Point)exhibition. Tie one end of the rope to the end of the log, stretch the rope down to the ground, and bury the other end in the ground. Go up the stairs of the building and experience(see) this state also from the inside of the building.












《 無題 》

材   料: 板生ゴム、セメント粉、コンクリート床、壁

時・場所:1974 立川(東京)



Material:  Crude caoutchouc plate,  cement powder, concrete floor, wall

Time and place: 1974. Tachikawa (Tokyo)


Note:  Stretch the crude caoutchouc plate horizontally. Sprinkle the cement powder on it, so that it forms a square shape. Stretch the plate to its limit. Stretch the plate to its limit.














《 「交差」・「・・・・物的な」 Ⅰ 》 (Ⅲ部作) 

材   料: 板生ゴム、セメント粉、鉛塊(重しとして)、画廊のコンクリート天井、梁、床等

時・場所: 1974.11  田村画廊(東京)


Intersection.”・・・・“butsu teki naI

Material:  Crude caoutchouc plate, cement powder, lead block(a weight), concrete ceiling and beam, floor, etc.of the gallery.

Time and place: November, 1974. Tamura Gallery(Tokyo)


Note:  Stretch one crude caoutchouc plates across the horizontally to tis limit. Stretch three other crude caoutchouc plates horizontally.  Sprinkle cement powder on all them evenly in so that it forms certain shape. Loosen the tension of the crude caoutchouc plates to the same tension as the other three. Stretch the three to their limit.