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《「波動」 1 (肉・鉛・地)

材   料:生肉(牛肉・豚肉)、鉛塊、画廊コンクリート床等

時・場所:1970.10 田村画廊(東京)

コメント :プランは1週間そのまま放置の予定であったが、腐敗して臭いなどの問題のため、途中肉を入れ替えている。 


“Wave” 1 (Meat,lead,ground) 〉

Matereal: Raw meat(beef and pork), lumps of lead, concrete floor of gallery ,etc. 

Time and place :   October, 1970. Tamura Gallery (Tokyou)

Note:              The raw meate was planned to be left for one week. However,it was replaced with fresh meat due to the stink of corruption.















材   料:自然木、鉛板、地等

時・場所:1970.12  スペース戸塚(神奈川・戸塚)


Wave C  

Material:  Natural wood,lead plates,ground

Time and place:  December,1970.Space Totsuka(Kanagawa Totsuka)


Note:  Wrap the lead plates around the trunks of seven or eight trees. Attach narrow lead plates to their branches,and pull the branches so that their tips connect to the ground.















 波動A 》

材   料: 地、生肉

時・場所:1970.12  スペース戸塚(神奈川・戸塚) 


Wave A

Material:  Ground,raw meat.

Time and place:   December,1970.Space Totsuka(Kanagawa Totsuka)










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材   料:自然石とその粉化された石粉

時・場所:1971.12 田村画廊(東京)




Material: Natural rock and its stone powder

Time and place:  December,1971.Tamura Gallery(Tokyo)


Note:  Smash a rock and grind it into stone powder over several months.Then,attach the stone dust to wall by spraying it with water mist.stand between the two states of the stone, the stone dust on the pieces of stone.







《 「石」 立川 》

材   料:石とその石粉

時・場所:1971. 立川(東京)



Material:  Rock and stone powder

Time and place:  1971. Tachikawa(Tokyo)


Note:  The stone powder is attached to the wall without any adhesives.










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材   料:石、石粉、人等

時・場所:1972. 立川(東京)

コメント :「活躍する僕達展」(1972.8 京都市立美術館)に 《イベント写真A》 として全紙大で発表。 


Rock and man (Rock, stone powder ,man etc)


Material:  Rock , stone powder, man, etc.

Time and place:  1972. Tachikawa(Tokyo).


Note:  Perceive the vertical movement of holding up the rock, speed of the vertical movement of stone powder, and the stone powder falling from your body. Exhibited in 45.7 × 56.0cm size photo in We,the Outstanding Artists Exhibited (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, August, 1972), titled Event A













《 肉・街・路 》

材   料: 生肉、街、路等

時・場所:1972.11.26  東京都内と神奈川県 




  Meat, City, Street  

Material:  Raw meatm, city, street, etc

Time and place: November 26 th,1972. Tokyo and Kanagawa.


Note:   Prepare a large amount of meat. Move to more than seven locations in twenty four hours. Set the meat at each location and record it.

Location in Tokyo. Location in Kanagawa.





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